17 June 2006


mellow yellow #1

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page 1: little intro

page 2: big intro

page 3: feedback

page 4: definitions

page 5: Alice Walker

page 6 & 7: My Walking Grandma

page 8 & 9: Once upon a time my Cantonese got lost, i still haven't found it.

page 10 & 11: Kate's Great Grandmother is a bit of a character

18 May 2006


Hannah learns to post

My Walking Grandma

They walked from Kuala Lumpur (the meeting of 2 muddy rivers) to Singapore. That's like walking Welly to Alkd, 600kms. Only thing is, they were trying to get away from the Japanese soldiers.

They walked following railway tracks. Hiding in the jungle by day, and walking by night. It took them a few months I think.

In those days, a woman's wealth was held in her jewellery. My walking Grandma would have had to sell or trade those to survive the long journey.

When they got to Singapore, the Japanese were already there. They went back to a home under Japanese occupation.

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